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1st Dec, 2019

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20th Nov, 2019

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7th Nov, 2019

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7th Oct, 2019

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About the Podcast

Sue Schulze Florida Real Estate Broker
Hi, I’m Sue Schulze, A Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker.
I grew up in Crystal River and have lived and worked in Citrus Hills since 1985. I have watched the Villages of Citrus Hills grow and transform into the active lifestyle community it is today.

Single family homes, condos and town homes are plentiful from Crystal River to St. Petersburg Florida.
Today is the day to embark on your “Flip Flops to Rooftops” home ownership journey.

Contact me, Sue Schulze, your neighborhood Real Estate Broker to make your Real Estate dream a reality. I look forward to helping you find the perfect housing to meet your needs.

My phone is always on – Contact me, Sue Schulze at 352-212-2766. Again, my phone number is 352-212-2766.

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Cuzin Vinnie will entertain you! LOL

I have spent a major part of my life in Florida Real Estate. It all began in 1968 when my family moved from Long Island, New York to Citrus County, Florida. I had the up close and personal opportunity to watch raw land turn into a new home development at De Rosa Village, helping my parents develop the land through As a family we also built De Rosa Plaza, De Rosa Plaza Flea Market and De Rosa Plaza Volunteer Fire Company! The De Rosa family legacy includes Florida Real Estate University, Buyers Broker Real Estate, plus my first real estate sale was the Seven Rivers Hospital site, Cuzin Vinnie Mini Putt, and now Cuzin Vinnie Network starts a new chapter!
Just for the record since 1980 an active Florida Real Estate Broker and Florida Real Estate Instructor, so I speak from many years of trial and error.